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About Viking Masonry, Inc.

We give our customers exactly what they pay for here at Viking Masonry. Working closely with our suppliers, we can deliver a high-quality project every time. Our motto has always been "If We Can Build It, Let's Build It Better”. We will go above and beyond the standard of building.

When we estimate a project, first we want to give you a complete consultation, you should know everything about your project to include codes, how we plan to build, quality of materials, design flow, and payment schedule. The contractor and customer should always work together as a team to compose a budget, design, and timeline, so there is never any question about the project strategy.

When we start your project, you will see that we only work with the top skilled masons period. Our crew is extremely professional, clean-cut, and respectful of your property. We will never sacrifice our reputation and your project to save money, expect the best. Every crew member is educated and informed in all aspects of masonry and will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Be excited about your project; masonry is fun and beautiful. You should never be worried about the outcome, have fun, and be involved in the process. We love what we do. Masonry has been a tradition in our family for generations. You will always get the service you deserve, and we look forward to hearing from you.

About Jeremiah Gloeckner

Background of Jeremiah Gloeckner Jeremiah Gloeckner is the President / Ceo / Contractor Of Viking Masonry, Inc., a master mason specializing in artisan brick and stone installation carrying on a lineage of eleven generations of masonry in his family. Starting early on, Jeremiah apprenticed under the various master masons in his family. Learning the traditional methods of building with brick, stone, and block, it was clear Jeremiah had a true love for the masonry trade. Jeremiah soon became superintendent and project manager, handling many projects from small residential to large government builds. After the company closed due to retirement, it was clear what he had to do, Jeremiah would open the next generation company and carry on the line. Today, Jeremiah has built Viking Masonry, Inc. to be a major leader in the industry. He continues the meticulous, detailed craftsmanship in every build. With the motto "Always Build It Better" Viking Masonry, Inc. has continued to raise the standards of building in the masonry field.

About Viking Masonry, Inc.
About Viking Masonry, Inc.

Serving the Central Valley & Surrounding Areas.